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If you’ve just had surgery or are recovering from an injury, rehabilitation is essential to making sure that you heal properly. The team of professionals at Back in Motion Integrated Medicine in Hurst, Texas, provides their patients with exceptional rehabilitation services to ensure that their body heals just how it should. To get started with your rehabilitation, schedule a visit today by calling the office, or booking an appointment online.

Rehabilitation Q & A

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is an expert-guided recovery of your body. You might need rehabilitation if you’ve experienced an accident, have undergone surgery, or have a degenerative condition like arthritis. With rehabilitation, the team at Back in Motion Integrated Medicine can ensure that your body heals properly and that your physical mobility and musculoskeletal health are in optimal condition.

Why should I have rehabilitation?

Some of the benefits of rehabilitation include:

  • Restoring your full range of motion
  • Increasing your flexibility
  • Improving your muscle strength
  • Enhancing the mobility of your joints
  • Preventing blood clots.

Making routine visits to your rehabilitation specialist is an excellent way to speed up and enhance your recovery process and to help prevent problems from developing in the future. 

What happens during rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is different for everybody, and your particular treatment plan and experience will vary depending on your unique needs and condition.

During the early stages of your rehabilitation, when you’re more sore and tender, the team at Back in Motion Integrated Medicine might just perform some static or passive exercises. This means that your specialist gently stretches, massages, and works the area that you’re rehabilitating. You relax on a table or a chair while the team promotes the area’s mobility and flexibility without causing any damage or strain. 

Once you’ve made some progress, you start performing the exercises on your own, under the supervision of your rehabilitation specialist. They might teach you exercises to help strengthen the area and improve its flexibility and watch you perform them to make sure that you’re using the proper form. 

Your provider shares tips to help reduce your pain and inflammation between your visits, and eventually, you work your way back to your normal functioning.

How long does rehabilitation last?

The duration of your rehabilitation depends on the nature of your condition and the progress you make during your sessions, though you should expect to go to appointments for two months or longer.

The frequency of your sessions also depends on the nature of your rehabilitation. You might start out with two or three sessions per week for the first month or so, and eventually cut back to one to two sessions per week. The team at Back in Motion Integrated Medicine can work with you to create a rehabilitation plan that’s tailored to your unique needs.

Schedule your visit today by calling the office or booking an appointment online.